Small Grey Outline Pointer Prince, at your service!
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Prince the Sylveon
Hello fellow pokemon and humans! I am Prince, and i'm just positively happy to see you! Who am I, you ask? Why, that's simple, just a fabulous pokemon looking to brighten your day with my charm~!
Please no flash photography, it just doesn't capture my essence.

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I will be contacting you soon about your prize!
Thank you for everyone who’s participated! If they don’t respond withing 48 hours I will draw again uvu

Hope everyone has a wonderful sunday!

askstarray: Belle the Eevee: *blushes brightly upon seeing you and smiles big while wagging her tail* if I evolve into a sylveon, will I be a pretty fairy like you?

"Don’t have to be a sylveon to feel pretty! You are already adorable, any form you take will suit you well!"

bladeblazeknight: Do you have the ability pixilate or cute charm?

"Cute charm my friend, though how effective it is has yet to be determined."

askkanozoroark: "Hey there buddy. Couldn't help but notice your... loud style, and I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Kano." He gives a large grin. "So, you're some kind of fashonista, eh? Or, maybe in your case, a fashionisto? Hehe."

"Loud? This coming from a Zoruark with strikingly blond hair? Aright then… Also good sir, fashionista implies I have an eye for fashion, in case you hadn’t noticed I don’t wear clothes, nor do I care to start."


drew a few sylveons from the community

Gave painting a try :’u 

First attempt so it’s a tad messy but I hope to get more comfortable with it in the future!

"Will you have your enemies mashed or boiled?"

submitted by askpady

Brothers doing brother things.

"I can’t wait to not tell anybody about the last couple of days!"



I swear these two characters are so precious I love them both so much aaaaa ;u;

Prince and Ava are just so precious and Emi wuvs them so much, she loves her fluffy friends uvu ))

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