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Prince the Sylveon
Hello fellow pokemon and humans! I am Prince, and i'm just positively happy to see you! Who am I, you ask? Why, that's simple, just a fabulous pokemon looking to brighten your day with my charm~!
Please no flash photography, it just doesn't capture my essence.

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Giveaway prize for askikulil!

Hope you like it!

Anonymous: those last three reaction image posts are a very clear example of artstyle evolution

Well, Kinda
When this blog started i used a really quick lazy style as opposed to my usual. 

Eventually I stopped being lazy. 

HOWEVER, yeah I do feel like i’ve improved some since the start of the blog.


I will be contacting you soon about your prize!
Thank you for everyone who’s participated! If they don’t respond withing 48 hours I will draw again uvu

Hope everyone has a wonderful sunday!

askstarray: Belle the Eevee: *blushes brightly upon seeing you and smiles big while wagging her tail* if I evolve into a sylveon, will I be a pretty fairy like you?

"Don’t have to be a sylveon to feel pretty! You are already adorable, any form you take will suit you well!"

bladeblazeknight: Do you have the ability pixilate or cute charm?

"Cute charm my friend, though how effective it is has yet to be determined."

askkanozoroark: "Hey there buddy. Couldn't help but notice your... loud style, and I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Kano." He gives a large grin. "So, you're some kind of fashonista, eh? Or, maybe in your case, a fashionisto? Hehe."

"Loud? This coming from a Zoruark with strikingly blond hair? Aright then… Also good sir, fashionista implies I have an eye for fashion, in case you hadn’t noticed I don’t wear clothes, nor do I care to start."


drew a few sylveons from the community

Gave painting a try :’u 

First attempt so it’s a tad messy but I hope to get more comfortable with it in the future!

"Will you have your enemies mashed or boiled?"

submitted by askpady

Brothers doing brother things.

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