Idk do I count this as a commission it was kinda for me too. 
COMMISSION FOR teamkarasuno 

YEAH…. firefairy xoxo

Sylveon Species Headcanons: Evolution Part 2 (Tame vs. Wild)


While it’s not impossible, I believe running into a wild Sylveon would be extremely rare. Given the circumstances of it’s evolution, it would be very hard to acquire one in the same way you’d get other pokemon. They are attached to whoever/whatever helped it evolve, making it less willing to want to be taken away from their place of living. (Which I would think would be far from civilization and away from people)

That being said, domesticated Sylveons obviously have a better temperment and tend to want to share good feelings with humans whereas wild sylveons really prioritize and are selective, not warming up to the trainer as well as one who had been with it’s trainer before evolution.

Long story short, if you want a partner for life, work for it instead of taking the easy way out! 



Anonymous: I don't care what anyone says, Prince is the sass king of all sylveons

"Well I don’t like to brag but…"

"I’ve got quite the record to beat."


I’m on break right now, so feel free to ask me any questions you might have!

Ah, and a quick note about me- I’m a pokemorph! So don’t be too alarmed if you see me as a sylveon one minute and a human the next, haha!

While I understand why, it hurts my feelings a bit that people are accusing me of overplaying my current situation. I was not kidding when I said I was in financial distress. I have a LOT of things to pay and no money to pay it. Allow me to explain my entire situation.

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1000 pardons but..

As you may know i have been struggling finacially for a long time without much of a break..

Well today my internet was cut off which puts me in a dangerous spot. I had lost my financial aid for college and i used that to pay for EVEYTHING i needed for college, including internet access for my online classes as well as personal things like medication and bills.

If i do not pass this semester i will not recieve the help i desperately need… Please if its not so much to ask i could really use some help.

Im on my phone right now so i cant post a link but if you’d be willing to donate/commission theres a link on my blog as well as a donate button. I apologize for asking this of you but any help would be great right now…

omg what if Sylveons were real though I would start a program where we bring Sylveons to people in hospitals or shelters like service dogs and they can get their ‘good feelings’ on and make people HAPPY AND THEN IM HAPPY CUZ PEOPLE AND SYLVEONS ARE HAPPY OH GOODNESS MY HEART.

palmlock: Not really sure why people even have left over sylveons. They went out of their way to give it 2 affections and level it up. Kinda silly


BUT PEOPLE STILL COMPLAIN LIKE “WTF I wanted an umbreon not this thing—